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RazorJournal is the Trading Optimization Platform that helps you develop rock-solid trading confidence and identify opportunities to become a more profitable trader.

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R-Based Trading Metrics

Get your stats in “R” or Multiple of Risk. Measuring your trading results in pips, points or dollars per share, only gives you a limited understanding of your trading performance.

Finally see your performance, profit targets and more…in “R.”

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Trading strategies by account

Instantly See Your Results by Strategy and Account

Stop setting up new trading journal accounts every time you change brokers or add a new trading strategy. Get continuous performance reporting on your Dashboard, regardless of which broker or strategy you are using…or will be using.

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

Our proprietary MaxR metric allows you to see how far price goes in your favor…after you close out trades.

Also see what your theoretical win rate would be at different MaxR levels. This can help you optimize your exit strategy.

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Ridiculously High ROI

RazorJournal costs less than two cups of coffee a month.

You can pay for RazorJournal with one trade…or just skip a couple of coffees at the coffee shop.

Get access to the data that can help you level-up your trading, automatic cloud backups and instant new feature updates.

Easy Before and After Screenshot Analysis

Our Flash Cards Module allows you analyze your charts and key trade information, before and after every trade. Filter by strategy, account and/or result.

Find out if you are making technical analysis errors, see what happens after you close trades and uncover common mistakes. This is also another way that you can practice what a good chart setup looks like and which formations to avoid.

RazorJournal Flash Cards

Analyze Performance by Time of Day, Symbol and More

Our Analysis Detail module tracks your performance by time of day, symbol, day of week, and timeframe chart. This is the fastest way to see if any of these elements are dragging down your performance.

One simple tweak in any of these areas can dramatically improve your trading results.

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Trading Journal for iPad

Journal on Any Device

One of our guiding principles is to make a trading journal that is super easy to use. This is why our app is browser based.

It’s available on all of your devices and you never have to download and configure a new app.

…and you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing because RazorJournal is 100% cloud-based.

Practice Your Setups With Video Playback

Neuroscience has proven that our brains cannot tell the difference between what we actually experience and what we vividly visualize.

Professional athletes take advantage of this fact by studying game videos and using visualization exercises before competitions.

Now you can leverage these training methods with video playback in RazorJournal. Get “reps” with your ideal trade setups, when you aren’t trading.

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For Forex, Stock, Futures and Cryptocurrency Traders

RazorJournal has been optimized for these markets. If you trade other markets like options, you are better off using a journal solution that has been tailored to those markets. We work hard to be the very best journal for these markets, not a journal that is mediocre at all markets.

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Trading insight

Leverage the Manual Data Entry Advantage

RazorJournal entries are entered manually, so you see every trade with 20/20 vision. You lose key bits of information when your trading journal is updated automatically.

Spending quality time analyzing your trades every week is the best way to improve your performance. RazorJournal manual entry works very well for traders who place a few trades a week. We are working on a solution for higher volume traders.

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